Season One
Season One, Episode 1-20
First Aired August 25th, 2013
Writer QuickForeverr (17 episodes, co-wrote 3 episodes)
Nonametothinkof (co-wrote 3 episodes)
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 Season One is the first season of the fanfic Glee: The Next Direction, created by QuickForeverrThe season premiered on August 25th, 2013, with the pilot episode, Marley's New Direction. The season concluded on May, 5th, 2014.

The season contained 107 songs, with the 100th being Beautiful Soul, in the episode Alumni.


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  • Aly Murray created by Pannda. (2/20)
  • Lizzie Harris created by GinaSays16. (1/20)


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1. "Marley's New Direction" August 25th, 2013

Plot: Marley Rose, with assistance from Jake Puckerman hold auditions for New Directions, the Glee club they were apart of during their Sophomore year. Five different members: Leah Williamson, Natalie Simmons, Ricardo Fernandez, Aidan McKensie and Sophia Davis all audition for the club, and are all accepted.
Absent: Kai Johnson, Kyle Jackson


2. "Should I?" September 2nd, 2013

Plot: Kyle Jackson, Jason Smith and Monica Parks are new auditions to New Directions. Marley meets a new friend, and colleague; Lauren Swann. Jake begins to wonder if Marley needs him around, or if she relies on him too much. Kai Johnson ponders on the decision to join Glee club or not, and still hasn't made up his mind. Lauren promises Jake to look after Marley after he leaves.


3. "No Contact" September 23rd, 2013

Plot: With a new audition to the club, Kai Johnson, the New Directions are well underway to their twelve members needed. Marley is unable to communicate with Jake, and is making her very distressed. She is unsure of what has happened. Meanwhile, Leah decides to tell Marley about her past, and the reason for her shyness. Jason tells Kyle he believes it's time for their relationship to become public, to shocking results.

Sgc 4. "Silent Girl Crush" October 14th, 2013

Plot:  Leah starts to develop a crush on fellow Glee club member, Aidan. She has conquered her shyness, and found a new friend in Sophia. Meanwhile, the New Directions prepare for their assembly, held to gain more members. Jason finally confronts Kyle about their relationship, and the two make up, but are still in secret. Olivia and Monica have a stand-off.

Rejection 5. "Rejection" November 13th, 2013

Plot: Leah's crush is continued, and is spread around by fellow Glee club member, Rocky. Marley holds more auditions, and gets an offensive audition by the Cheerios. However, she is able to recruit two more members: Diana Reyes and Cody Ryanson. Ahmet Mutlu is rejected from the New Directions, and mentions about getting revenge on the Glee club.

Hesmine 6. "He's Mine" November 20th, 2013

Plot: Invitationals is finally upon the New Directions, and they couldn't be happier. With twelve members, they are ready to sing for the first time in front of an audience. Meanwhile, Rocky and Leah start to begin a serious conflict, both believing they have the biggest chance with Aidan. Rocky reveals something about Leah that startles her. Marley gets a mysterious call.

Goodbyefather 7. "Goodbye, Father" November 28th, 2013

Plot: Marley gets the upsetting news that her estranged father has passed away. When she cancels the meetings for the week, the New Directions are confused, and call in her boyfriend, Jake Puckerman. Meanwhile, Kai puts his best efforts into helping Marley. Leah and Rocky take a break from their arguments.

Idols 8. "Idols" December 8th, 2013

Plot: Marley sets the New Directions an assignment: perform songs by your idols. This excites all the members, as they sing their hearts out during the week. Meanwhile, Natalie gets into a short argument with Olivia. Aidan overhears Rocky and Leah talking about him, and is confused over what to do next. Kai and Sophia grow closer during the assignment.

Alltheway 9. "All the Way" December 16th, 2013

Plot: Rocky and Leah finally put their differences aside when Aidan admits about hearing their conversation. Sophia and Kai begin a sexual relationship, but Sophia soon realises that she thinks of it differently to how Kai views it. Meanwhile, Jason and Kyle have an argument. New Directions gear up for Sectionals.

Acc 10. "A Christmas Carol" January 12th, 2014

Plot: It's Christmas time at McKinley! Marley and the New Directions try to find a new tradition, and find one: Boys verse Girls with Christmas Carols. Natalie hasn't completed a New Years Resolution, and hastily tries to fulfill it. Meanwhile, Olivia is left at home with her sister. 

Seductions 11. "Seductions" January 20th, 2014

Plot: When Marley learns that half of her New Directions have caught a sickness going around the school, she cancels the meetings. Outraged, Sophia takes over the club in order to get them ready for their upcoming Sectionals competition. Meanwhile, Marley chickens out of her first time, angering Jake, who seeks comfort in another.
Absent: Monica Parks

Livetocompete 12. "Live to Compete" January 26th, 2014

Plot: Sectionals is upon the New Directions, and most are eager to compete. Kyle begins to feel like Jason is telling people about their relationship, and confronts him, causing tension between the two. Leah is appalled when Marley reveals their setlist, and strikes back. Sophia and Kai hit yet another bump in their relationship.

Player 13. "Player" February 9th, 2014

Plot: Kai makes a bond with Jessica, and Sophia immediately gets jealous. A fight between the two ensures, and Sophia quits the club. Leah, with consent from Rocky, finally gets the courage to ask Aidan on a date, whom accepts. Meanwhile, Marley learns from Lauren about Jake cheating on her. Jason attempts to get Kyle to talk about his problems.

Lesbihonest 14. "Lesbi-honest" February 17th, 2014

Plot: Natalie begins to come to terms with her new love for Leah, who is happily in a relationship with Aidan now. Unique helps Marley through her break-up, and confronts Lauren. Jason makes an accusation towards Kyle. Jessica and Kai's relationship grows stronger, to the dismay of Sophia.

Aworldofconfusion 15. "A World of Confusion" February 27th, 2014

Plot: Monica begins to develop some body issues, after overhearing Olivia talking about how she keeps her body as healthy as possible. Marley experiences issues making new friends with the teachers, after Lauren spread rumours about her being "crazy". Aidan is confused as to why Leah is ignoring him. Meanwhile, Natalie waits anxiously about Leah's reply.

Swift 16. "Swift" March 16th, 2014

Plot: Marley gives the club an assignment; Taylor Swift songs. Sophia and Jessica begin to bond, after the latter begins to see Kai for who he really is. Natalie and Aidan continue their feud over Leah, whom talks to Rocky about the new love triangle. Kyle tries to mend his relationship with Jason, to disastrous results. Meanwhile, Monica's issues develop further, scaring Sophia. 

Pressure 17. "Pressure" April 3rd, 2014

Plot: Monica is in hospital, and the news breaks out about her, quickly. Olivia starts to have regrets about what she has done, and tries to make amends with Monica, to amazing results. Leah and Sophia don't agree with Olivia attempting to be in the club. Meanwhile, Kyle and Jason relationship strengthens, but things take a turn for the worse when Jason tries to be sexual.

Newcoach 18. "New Coach" April 13th, 2014

Plot: Marley meets the new Cheerio coach, Katie Woods, who she soon finds out is taking a Coach Sue's attitude. Marley also meets English teacher, William Huston, and takes an immediate liking to him. Meanwhile, Katie and Ahmet team up to take the New Directions down. Jason and Rocky's relationship strengths. 

Alumni 19. "Alumni" April 15th, 2014

Plot: Kitty, Puck, Quinn, Sam and Santana return to help Marley mentor the New Directions for Regionals. Puck and Quinn help Aidan and Leah prepare for their duet at the competition. Marley informs Kitty of her crush on William, who then makes it her personal mission to get the two together. Meanwhile, Natalie bonds with Santana.

Artoflovetitlecard 20. "Art of Love" May 5th, 2014

Plot: Regionals is here, and with Kitty and William in tow, the club and Marley go to the event. Marley realises that she is ready to become sexual, while Kai realises that his player ways won't get him anywhere. Kyle learns of Rocky and Jason's relationship, and becomes jealous. Meanwhile, Aidan thinks that it's time for him and Leah to become sexual, while Natalie makes a plan to sabotage their relationship.