Ricardo Fernandez
General Information
Gender: Male
Age: 16 (Sophmore)
Address: Lima, Ohio
Aliases: Rocky
Rocky Balboa
Family & Friends
Family: Doris Fernandez (mother; deceased)
Frank Tucci (father; estranged)
Relationships: Aidan McKensie (former crush)
Jason Smith (sexual)
Friends: Leah Williamson (best friend)
Aidan McKensie
Jason Smith
New Directions
Other Information
Series Information
First appearance: Marley's New Direction
Portrayer: Tyler Posey
 Ricardo "Rocky" Fernandez is a main character on the fanfiction Glee: The Next Direction. Rocky was created by the REBƎLReloaded.

Rocky develops feelings for Aidan at the same time Leah does. The two fight over Aidan, but soon become close friends.


While growing up, Rocky's mother continued to struggle with health problems after her pregnancy with him. Not only that, she became poorly ill and became diagnosed with cancer. About 2 years later, she died. While Rocky's father was around, he began to become close to him, as he taught him how to be a man, taught him how to fight back, play sports and do other work ethics. However, it is noted that all of the stress from losing his wife, he attempts to blame Rocky for her death, which lead into a drug-filled abusive relationship with his father, not only abusive, but it became more sexually and mentally abusive. At one point, Rocky's father tried to rape him, a secret that Rocky hates to reveal to anyone. He hasn't told anyone at his now current school. The fact that Rocky's father sexually abused him affected him as he began to believe that he had attraction for the same sex. Rocky's father was sentenced to 8 years in jail when he was 12, and he currently lives in a foster home after no other family could be able to take him in. His main goal is to have a better life and a new family.

Season OneEdit

Marley's New DirectionEdit

Rocky is first seen talking to Aidan outside of his class. Rocky asks Aidan to sign up for Glee club, and Aidan accepts. Rocky tells Aidan that he's already been signed up. At the auditions, Rocky performs a rendition of Take Back the Night. Marley is seen very impressed with his performance. He is later accepted into New Directions, and watches Marley's performance. He has a solo in Don't Stop Believin'.

Should I?Edit

Rocky is seen watching the girls performance at the beginning of the episode. Later on, he is seen arguing with Marley, telling her they need more guys in the club. Rocky is later seen watching the new members of the club audition. He is also seen when the three new members enter the Choir Room. Rocky is seen at the end of the episode, learning about dynamics, and watching Marley and Jake perform.

No ContactEdit

Rocky is seen attending Glee club rehearsals, enjoying himself. He has a solo in A Thousand Miles.

Silent Girl CrushEdit

He is seen happy with Leah's choice of Aidan for the duet at the assembly. However, later on, he asks Aidan whether there was a certain reason Leah chose him. Aidan says he doesn't think so, but Rocky says that maybe she has a crush on him. He then resorts to calling her "not good looking", but Aidan laughs, and says that Rocky is too hard on the ladies. Rocky has a solo in Where Have You Been at the assembly.


Rocky appears during the first Glee club meeting, and during the auditions. Rocky asks Leah if she likes Aidan, sparking a feud between the two. Leah denies the claims, but Rocky keeps pestering her about it. Rocky then runs through the halls, searching for Aidan. Once he has found him, he tells Aidan that Leah does love him. After Aidan tells Leah about what Rocky said, she runs back in the auditorium, and begins yelling at Rocky. During the argument, Leah mentions that she knows Rocky is gay. As Leah leaves, she tells him that Aidan is hers. Rocky then sings Survivor, to an empty auditorium.

He's MineEdit

At the beginning of the episode, Rocky has a voiceover, where he reveals he knows a secret about Leah, and plans to blackmail her with it, as revenge for her blackmail. Rocky is one of the members who believes that the New Directions have come very far in just a few weeks. When Marley announces the assignment for the week, he is very excited. Rocky has a solo in Lego House, the song sung by the boys. Leah goes to her locker, and as she leaves, Rocky is standing there. They have a quick conversation, and Rocky tells Leah that he knows she's bisexual. This makes Leah go red, and she elbows Rocky in the face, and walks off.

At Invitationals, Rocky has solos in Brave and Bonfire Heart. Afterwards, he walks into an empty auditorium, and Leah enters as well. They have an argument, both believing that Aidan belongs to them. This leads the two to have a duet of The Boy Is Mine.

Goodbye, FatherEdit

Rocky is seen confused when Marley walks out of the Choir Room, having told the club the weekly meetings are cancelled. Later, it is revealed that Marley's dad has passed away, saddening Rocky. Rocky and Leah have a discussion, and both agree to let their arguments go for the week. Along with the rest of the New Directions, he comforts Marley during the difficult times. Rocky has a solo in Love You Forever.


Rocky tries to slow himself down, so that he can have a chat to Aidan, while Leah is out of earshot. However, as soon as the conversation begins, Leah drags Aidan into the Choir Room. Later that day, Rocky announces his hatred for Leah via voice-over. When Aidan announces that his idol if Michael, Rocky's face lights up, as they share the same idol. During Aidan's performance, Rocky joins in, making a duet of Bad. After the performance, the two share a hug. When the meeting is over, Leah calls out for Rocky. She tells Rocky that she's going to stop with Aidan, as he is clearly gay for Rocky. Rocky is happy with the news, and walks out. Unknown to them, Aidan was listening in on their conversation. 

All the WayEdit

Rocky is seen shocked when Aidan outs him in front of the club, and leaves. Leah follows him, and they have a quick discussion. The two make a pact, they will become best friends, and will be together through thick and thin. Rocky then enters Leah's house, and the two have a sleepover. Here, they discuss other LGBT members in the club, both believing there is more than just the two of them. When Love Story comes on the radio, Leah sings it to Rocky. The two order in pizza, and are seen enjoying it as they talk. Leah then allows Rocky to give her a make-over, and is stunned at how beautiful she looks. He then performs The Climb with the New Directions.

A Christmas CarolEdit

When asking for ideas of a tradition, Rocky suggests Secret Santa. He later has a solo in The Most Wonderful Day of the Year. For the Boys verse Girls competition, Rocky competes in the coin flip, to see who would go first. 


Rocky is annoyed when Marley stops meetings for the week, due to the lack of members. As part of Sophia's plan to win Sectionals, he is paired with Kyle. The two go to visit their set houses, and have a conversation on the way about Rocky's coming out. He is part of the meeting at the end of the episode where they discuss Sectionals.

Live to CompeteEdit

Rocky is seen at Glee meetings, and is happy when Marley reveals the setlist. After the meeting, Rocky and Leah have a short chat. At Sectionals, Rocky sings a solo in Party in the USA and then back-up during the other two songs. He is estatic when the group wins.


Rocky appears during Glee meetings throughout the episode. Leah asks Rocky his thoughts on asking Aidan on a date, and he tells her to do it.


Rocky appears during Glee meetings.

A World of ConfusionEdit

Rocky sings a solo in Die Young/Live While We're Young, and is seen in Glee meetings throughout the episode.



Season One:


Season One:

Solos (In a Group Number)Edit

Season One



Solos with

Don't Stop Believin' Marley's New Direction Marley, Jake, Aidan, Sophia, Leah and Natalie
A Thousand Miles No Contact Aidan, Sophia, Leah, Natalie, Monica, Kyle and Kai
Where Have You Been Silent Girl Crush Sophia, Natalie, Monica and Jason
Lego House He's Mine Aidan, Kyle and Kai
Brave Aidan, Natalie and Leah
Bonfire Heart Sophia, Aidan, Natalie, Leah, Monica, Jason, Kyle, Kai, Amber, Cody and Diana
Love You Forever Goodbye, Father Aidan, Kai, Leah and Sophia
The Climb All the Way Aidan, Kai, Leah, Sophia and Jason
The Most Wonderful Day of the Year A Christmas Carol Monica, Leah and Marley
Party in the USA Live to Compete Monica, Natalie and Kai
Die Young/Live While We're Young A World of Confusion Monica, Kai, Leah and Jason
Mean Swift Kai and Monica
Good Time New Coach Aidan, Leah, Kai, Sophia, Kyle, Monica, Natalie and Olivia
Ready Aim Fire Alumni Sophia, Monica, Kai and Kyle
One Thing Art of Love Aidan, Leah, Kai, Jason and Sophia
Too Little Too Late

Aidan, Kai, Kyle, Leah, Marley, Monica, Natalie, Sophia and William