Jessica Butler
General Information
Gender: Female
Age: 15 (Freshman)
Hair Color: Red
Eye Color: Blue
Address: Lima, Ohio
Aliases: Jess
Family & Friends
Relationships: Kai Johnson (possible boyfriend)
Friends: New Directions
Enemies: Sophia Davis
Other Information
Series Information
First appearance: Player
Portrayer: Ariana Grande
 Jessica Butler is a recurring character on the fanfiction Glee: The Next Direction. Jess was created by the fanfiction's creater, QuickForeverr.

She will be the main road-block for the relationship of Kai and Sophia.


Jessica grew up in a normal family, with one younger brother, who she adored. She was always in the academic extension programs, and made her parents very pleased. During her time in Elementary, she was loved by students and teachers alike. At the start of Freshman year, she knew she needed a change. She dyed her hair red, and prefers to be called Jess. From the months she has spent at WMHS, she has obtained a rebellious attitude.

Season OneEdit


Jessica begins to flirt with Kai, and later on kisses him. Kai later invites Jessica to fill in for Sophia's spot in Glee club, and she accepts. Kai informs her of when the auditions are. However, Jessica never shows up for her audition. She sings a solo in Low, regretting her decision of not showing up.


Kai confronts Jessica, and asks why she didn't show up. She defends herself, but says she will try for Glee in two days. However, she later visits Kai, and they make the audition in fifteen minutes. She performs the song Dance For You, and is accepted. After the performance, Kai compliments her.

A World of ConfusionEdit

Jessica storms out of Glee, annoyed. Kai follows her and makes sure she is alright, and coming back, to which she says she is.


When Marley announces that the week will be a tribute to Taylor Swift, she is excited. As Sophia demonstrates, Jessica joins in the song, and the two sing a duet of Should've Said No. Sophia later talks to Jessica. Through the conversation, Jessica reveals that Kai tried to be sexual, but she didn't want that, and they haven't spoken since. Sophia hugs Jessica, forgiving her.

In the hallways, Jessica watches Kai flirt with other girls, and joins in the song Story of Us. She later joins in Red, thinking of her and Kai's relationship.


Jessica is seen in the New Directions meetings, and worries about Monica.

New CoachEdit

Jessica is seen in the meetings, and is shocked by the stink bomb.


Jessica is mentored by Sam throughout the episode.

Art of LoveEdit

Jessica appears in glee club meetings, and at Regionals. Here, she sings a solo in Please Don't Stop the Music. Jessica is disappointed by the loss.



Season One:

Solos (In a Group Number)Edit

Season One



Solos with

Low Player Sophia and Kai
Story of Us Swift Aidan and Kyle
Red Aidan, Kyle, Sophia and Natalie
Please Don't Stop the Music Art of Love Kyle, Natalie and Monica


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