Amber Whitman
General Information
Gender: Female
Age: 16 (Senior)
Address: Lima, Ohio
Family & Friends
Friends: New Directions
Other Information
Series Information
First appearance: Silent Girl Crush
Portrayer: Lauren Lopez
 Amber Whitman is a recurring character on the fanfiction Glee: The Next Direction. Amber was created by Wiki admin, Nonametothinkof.


A part of the honor roll for her whole life, she then excelled herself into the Senior year. Being the youngest, she is always pushed around, bullied, and always taken for granted. Then she finds Glee club, a place which she could call "home", and where she is then found for her big voice.

Season OneEdit

Silent Girl CrushEdit

Amber auditions to the glee club after the assembly with Listen, and makes it in.


She is present at auditions, and at New Directions meetings in the episode. Amber has a solo in Please Don't Say You Love Me.

He's MineEdit

Amber competes with the girls in the Boys vs. Girls competition, in which the girls win. She later performs with the New Directions at Invitationals. She has a solo in Bonfire Heart.

Goodbye, FatherEdit

Amber is seen confused when Marley walks out of the Choir Room, having told the club the weekly meetings are cancelled. Later, it is revealed that Marley's dad has passed away, saddening Amber. Along with the rest of the New Directions, she comforts Marley during the difficult times.


Amber is seen in the episode watching performances by other members.

All the WayEdit

Amber is seen throughout the episode appearing in Glee club rehearsals and meetings. When Aidan tells the club about Rocky and Leah competing over him, she is shocked. At the end of the episode, she can be seen performing with the New Directions.

A Christmas CarolEdit

Amber has a solo in Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree, and can be seen attending Glee meetings.

Live to CompeteEdit

Amber sings with the New Directions during Sectionals.


Amber appears during Glee meetings.


Amber appears during Glee meetings.

A World of ConfusionEdit

Amber appears during Glee meetings.


Amber enjoys the assignment of Taylor Swift, and partakes in Today Was a Fairytale.


Amber appears during Glee meetings.

New CoachEdit

Amber appears during Glee meetings.


Amber is mentored by Marley during the episode.

Art of LoveEdit

Amber participates in Regionals, and is saddened by their loss.



Season One:

Solos (In a Group Number)Edit

Season One



Solos with

Please Don't Say You Love Me Rejection Leah, Kai, Aidan, Sophia, Monica and Natalie
Bonfire Heart He's Mine Aidan, Rocky, Natalie, Leah, Monica, Jason, Kyle, Kai, Sophia, Cody and Diana
Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree A Christmas Carol Aidan, Kai, Sophia, Monica and Diana
Today Was a Fairytale Swift Sophia, Leah and Monica



  • Wiki Admin Nonametothinkof said that Amber's character poster was the hardest to do due to the lack of photos, even though she herself made the character.